About Us

We are a mother/daughter-owned company. After a sunset walk on the beach left us hungry and thirsty, we were inspired, and Serendipity Picnic blanKIT— a better picnic (no basket needed) — was born. Imagine a light Parisienne lunch of cheese, meats, and fruit paired with the perfect wine packed in a  stylish, lightweight, take-anywhere picnic blanKIT. This was our vision, and we wanted to share it with other lovers of special moments. People who want to slow down, appreciate the world and the people they love most in it. 

Experienced entrepreneurs and romantics at heart, we created a special, one-of-a kind picnic that unfurls elegance with each surprising layer. Leaving the bulky basket behind allows for nimble adventure — long walks, hikes, bike rides and anything else you dream up. 

Because sustainability is important to us, we partnered with a local non-profit design house that collects and re-purposes designer fabric remnants. We thoughtfully curate the fabrics and work with their sewers to create beautiful blanKITS, each one a unique work of art to be cherished by others who appreciate the curated moment of a picnic.

All other elements: glasses, bamboo plates and utensils, food jars, thermos, origami bowls and beeswax food wraps are resusable and recyclable. Gently hand wash all items and let air dry for years of additional use.

We hope you find as much joy in your picnics as we do in ours.

Making memories together, 

Mary Lynn and Simone